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Design and development of modern web solutions

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What we do

We deliver hand made, custom products written from scratch, but can also take on rewrites or continued development of existing systems. What we do is mainly:

  • Development of really fast and rock solid web sites
  • Advanced and intuitive data APIs that scale
  • Design of beautiful, modern and user friendly web pages
  • Technical services for data mining, marketing and strategy

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We also create and maintain a large selection of in-house libraries and applications, both commercial and free. These are some of them:

Firmalisten logo Firmalisten company search for Norway

CrowdfundHQ logo CrowdfundHQ white label crowdfunding site

Waveorb logo Waveorb web development framework

Weblang logo Weblang low code programming language

Github logo Open source projects on Github

How we work

We believe that working together means sharing the same vision. We only take on projects that we know we can deliver quickly and without problems.

Projects are completed in three steps:

  1. Planning

    When you contact us for a project, we will start by finding out exactly what your needs are and make a plan. The planning stage is completely free of charge.

  2. Building

    The next step is actually building the application. You will be able to track what we do with daily reports and direct access to the code. We can adapt to any workflow, just let us know what you need.

  3. Delivery

    Upon delivery we can deploy the application wherever you want, or host it for you.

    Pricing is done on project basis and can be hourly or fixed.


An application should be easy to use and nice to look at, but also load fast and be structurally sound.

All our products follow these quality standards:
  • Works in all web and mobile browsers.
  • 100% valid semantic HTML and CSS.
  • Maximum performance, accessibility and SEO.
  • Follows all current laws and regulations.

We test and review our code all the time, so you don't have to worry.


When creating an application we always try to use the simplest tools and solutions, so we can deliver high quality products fast.

In fact, we are so sure about our abilities that we deliver these guarantees on our work:
  • If we don't deliver as promised, we will not charge you.
  • Bug fixes relating to our code will be fixed for free after the project is finished.
  • No hidden costs, ever.

We take pride in delivering a product that just simply is finished, so you won't have to keep paying for maintenance.


For the technically minded, these are some of the things we are good at:

Javascript NodeJS HTML5 CSS UX Design WCAG Design systems CMS Databases NoSQL MongoDB SEO digital marketing data mining analytics Linux Networks REST API Scripting Devops Automation testing Performance

All programming languages and tools will be acquired quickly.


Common questions about Eldøy Projects:

How much does a project cost? next arrow

Our hourly rate is below usual considering the quality we deliver, and is cheaper than most other development agencies or consultancy services.

Price is also dependent on complexity, duration, the customer's purpose and budget, and the functional requirements. Price is agreed per project, either per hour or fixed. We can also be hired on an ongoing basis or "on demand".

If you have a budget ceiling, or have other restrictions, we can discuss what we can achieve in your particular case. We can offer a reduced hourly rate if your project is for a startup or a charity. Our main concern is to help you realize your ideas.

If you are still unsure about the price, and we will help you!

How does your delivery guarantee work? next arrow

Our experience has taught us that the most effective way to avoid problems along the way is to divide the project into smaller phases, or sub-deliveries.

When we deliver a phase, after we have presented it, you can simply not pay us if you are not satisfied. This is our delivery guarantee, which will minimizes the risk for you as a customer.

You will always have ownership of the code you have paid for, and we make it easy for you if you want to change to another provider.

What do you do and what are you best at? next arrow

We mainly do hand-made and custom web solutions made with Javascript and NodeJS. We step in when you need something more than what you can accomplish using Wordpress.

We can do everything from presentation pages with CMS, admin interfaces, marketing apps, APIs, databases, data collection and pure programming work.

We also have many in-house products and a unique workflow. Our tools help us get started quickly, and provide top quality, which provides an experience that you only get working with us.

Where are you located? next arrow

We have clients all over the country, and even some abroad.

We work from our home office on the majority of projects. This saves us a lot of time, and makes us more flexible in regards to working hours. The time we save on this we can then spend on creating value for our customers.

How long does a project usually take? next arrow

It depends on the size and complexity of the project. We take on both short and long projects, and they can have a duration of only 2 days to several years.

If the customer has a tight deadline for release, we can also work intensively for a period, or "on demand", depending on what you prefer.

Contact us

If you want work with us, or just want to say hi, don't hesitate sending us an email. We'd love to hear your thougths and will do our best to help you out.

You can also find us at Byråguiden.